Router’s Fortnightly Updates

Router’s Fortnightly Updates

Dec 5, 2023


Welcome to the latest edition of Router’s Fortnightly Updates. Over the past two weeks, we’ve made significant strides across various components of our platform.

Here’s a structured overview of our progress:

Router Intents -

Detailed whitepaper on Cross-chain Intents Adapter framework in progress

Liquid Staking Integration and Testing:

  • Ongoing integration of liquid staking on the same blockchain.

  • Proof of Concept (PoC) testing is currently in an advanced stage.

Backend Integrations:

  • Stader (Near), Metapool (Near), and Linear Protocol (Near) integrations have been successfully implemented.

  • Stakewise (Ethereum) integration is also complete.

Lending and Borrowing:

  • The Aave Proof of Concept for supply-only operations has been finalised.

  • Completion of the Compound adapter for Ethereum, Arbitrum, Polygon, and Base and the Radiant adapter for BNB and Arbitrum.

Decentralised Exchange Liquidity Pools (Dex LP):

  • Uni V3 Integration on PoC, including activating and testing two pools. Documentation related to this integration is now complete.

  • TraderJoe adapter and backend integration are currently underway.

Cross-Chain Transaction Batching: Development of a system for batching cross-chain transactions to enable multiple adapters to function on the destination chain.

Chain Updates

  • Implemented changes for SDK-Go Config Pagination.

  • Orchestrator Keyring: Debugged to operate without passphrase prompts.

  • Cosmos Chains Deposit Events Testing: Manually tested and verified on Router Chain Middleware contract.

  • Refuel Mechanisms Analysis (getting a small amount of destination native token while doing your cross-chain swap/ transfer): Completed.


  • Audit Report Fixes: Completed for the forwarder.

  • Oak Router Integration Audit: Report completed.

Nitro dApp Updates

  • EVM Upgradeable Contracts: Upgraded and ownership migration completed.

  • Multi-Sig Wallet Operation POC: For Cosmwasm contracts key-management.

  • Improvements in UI/UX on Router Nitro implemented.

  • Nitro Explorer API: Included Cosmos Chain flow and Cosmos Chain fund deposit feature.

  • Web2 APIs Stability Improvements: Enhanced request/response validation, timeouts, and logging.

  • Nitro Forwarder: Integrated with Cosmos Chain.

  • Access Control in Asset Forwarder and Bridge: Optimized and implemented.

  • Gas Tank Support: Added in Middleware contracts.

  • Nitro Contracts Improvements: Minor bug fixes and enhancements.

  • Nitro Forwarder Logging: Successfully implemented.


Chain Explorer:

Added fund deposit information

Nitro Explorer:

  • Near custom middleware API integration (testing pending).

  • Fund-paid integration development completed.

  • Addressed open issues set for testnet deployment.


  • The mainnet configuration was completed and tested for liquidity fetching and stability.

  • Updated biasing logic for token compatibility.

  • Removed v1 Pathfinder 1inch support.

Upcoming Focus

  • IBC Connection and Code Polishing: Address packet failures in IBC connections and refine chain, forwarder, and contract codes.

  • Multicaller for Forwarder: To enable batch transactions from the forwarder.

  • Automation Test Suite for Nitro: Implementation in progress.

  • Voyager Implementation for Cosmos Chains: Focusing on Cosmwasm Contracts.

  • Nitro UI Stabilization and Explorer Fund Integration: Prioritized for implementation.

  • Pathfinder API Update: Inclusion in Nitro SDK.

  • Smart Wallet Development: For stateful contract interactions.

  • Tron (Nile) Dexspan Integration: Finalization in process.

We invite you to stay connected with us for further updates and join our thriving community across our various social platforms. Keep an eye out for more exciting developments in the coming weeks!

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